Where: Gothenburg, Sweden

When: 05-09.10.2016

Participants: S.T.A.R. level instructors, who systematically raised their qualification and represent the adequate technical prowess and morality.

Equipment: boxing gloves, mma gloves, suspensors, shin guards.

Price: 750€

Transportation, accommodation, food and insurance has to be acquired individually. After successfully passing the exam each instructor receives a certificate, which is valid in all Defendo Alliance member countries and allows teaching Defendo on the granted level.

Leading: Jyrki Saario

Application and additional information: / +358 445 886622

Course summary:
Red is the master level in Defendo, equivalent to a black belt awarded in other martial arts. This level summarizes the techniques from all the previous levels and adds additional knife fighting techniques. The foundation is the expertise of the instructor, which guarantees a perfect demonstration of techniques from all Defendo levels. The final exam tests the technical abilities of candidates and their teaching methodology necessary to prepare and lead trainings independently.